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Our Story

We are an English couple from a town called Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, Northern England. If you have heard our voices on our Instagram stories or YouTube channel, it would explain our accents! We are childhood sweethearts that have been together since we were 16 years old, going on 10+ years ago (this is where some of you smile or vomit).

We were both in 9-5 jobs and saving for a mortgage on a house, but something didn’t feel right. We figured out that we both needed more from life, so we decided to quit our full-time jobs and use our savings to travel the world. We haven’t looked back since. Not every destination we go to is going to be ‘the best in the world’ and we will be honest with the good and the bad. We aim to be truthful and give people good travel advice, top tips and updates on our adventures.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire other people to travel, there is more to the world than the area you live in. It is not a dream and it can be your reality. Stop thinking too much and #JustGoTravelling

Woody from Just Go Travelling

First name Martin, but everyone calls me Woody, from friends, to work colleagues and even some family members. Why? My last name is Wood. Creativity at its finest. My passion lies with my stomach whilst travelling, I can’t wait to try the different types of dishes a new country has to offer. Especially the desserts. Mmmmm, desserts. Kerrie understands that if I’m hungry I’m hangry. Out of the 2 of us I have more patience (except when I’m hungry of course) and I tend to be the joker, even if Kerrie gets annoyed at me sometimes! She did give me the extra push to travel though…

Kerrie from Just Go Travelling

I’ve always had a thirst for travel, holidays didn’t quite quench me. After living in Berlin for a year and spending 5 weeks of summer inter-railing around Europe, I was left… completely broke ha-ha. It wasn’t even funny. Despite being as skint as a budgies eyelash, travelling made me unequivocally happy.  I’d never seen places so beautiful, nor exposed to such poverty. It was one of the best things I ever did. Then… I graduated, got a full time job, bla bla bla. Despite being proud of myself for becoming a successful graduate and landing myself a decent job, I was left thinking ‘Is this life now until I retire?’

How we met 

We met at a high school party, we never talked to each other because we were ‘too cool’ for that. After exchanging MSN handles (yes, MSN messenger, remember that?) via friends, we hit it off and became ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’. Throughout the years, we have seen each other pass our GCSEs, graduate University and get our first qualified job, we have basically grown up together. Not many people believe we have been together over 10 years when we tell them, being so young, but when you find the right one, you don’t look anywhere else. Even though we have grown up together we continue to learn new things about each other and share great, new experiences.

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